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Platforms and Cradles

Platforms and Cradles
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Tên Sản Phẩm Platforms and Cradles
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Platforms and Cradles

Lightweight and compact, made out of aluminium alloy, TRACTEL® platforms can be divided into two families:

  • Powered platforms (hoist on the platform).
  • Working cradles without hoist

ALTA and SOLO powered platforms allow numerous applications. They can be combined with Monorail installations, Venus or Viper roof cars or with Davits.

Working Cradles without hoist ( for LunaMarsJupiterSaturneMustang,Scorpio ). Special cradles for recessed facades.

Pictures gallery :

Special CradlePantographe CradleStandard 2m-CradlePowered ALTA platformPlatforms and CradlesPlatforms and CradlesPlatforms and CradlesPlatforms and CradlesPlatforms and Cradles

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